Relax, Reduce Pain, and Renew with Gentle Somatic Bodywork and Integrated Massage Therapy

Somatic Movement Education Classes

Somatic Movement Education exercises are natural, safe and easy to do. Much of the pain and joint stiffness we experience is due to chronically tight, tense, unconsciously contracted muscles.  When we practice Somatics movement exercises we use the motor cortex of the brain to facilitate the release of habitual tension in the muscles and joints,  and train better movement habits. This leads to pain relief and ease of daily movement.

Effective for pain, injury prevention, help with daily stress.

Enhances yoga and Pilates practice, and dancers and athletes.

Good for every body at any time of life. 

For May 2020

Monday 5 pm     

Thursdays  4:30 pm      

Fridays 4 pm     

1st and 3rd Saturdays at 10:00 am        Various topics.


Cost: Drop in $20   3 class card  $45 (must use within 90 days)


Private classes 

3 week program. 

6 week program

90 day comprehensive program.

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Somatics can help you move with more ease, and greater mobility.for life.




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