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Services and Rates

For appointment, please call or text (352) 219-4653. 


Massage Therapy   $45.00..1/2 hr   $75.00..1 hr    $95.00  1 1/2 hr   

Package of 3 /1 hr MT $210.00    $15 savings

Package of 8 /1hr MT   $550.00    $50 savings

Package of  1/2 hr Massage /Elemental Facelift massage $125.00         Package of 45 minutes Somatics / 45 minutes Massage $100.00

 Massage sessions can combine modalities: Swedish massage, Deep tissue, NMT, manual therapies, Core Stones, Salt Stones and Massage Cupping


 Trager  Approach    $85.00  1hr 15 minutes minutes 

  Introductory package   3 sessions for  $225.00   $ 20.00 savings


Massage Cupping Body treatment / 1/2 hr  $45.00   1 hr  $75.00

Face Lifting and Drainage treatment /   50 minutes   $70.00

Package of 6 get the 7th free


Bellanina Facelift Massage

      Elemental  1 hour $85.00/  Full Spa Facial 1hr 15 minutes $100.00

                 Series of 6 get the 7th free / Series of 12 get the next 2 free

Series is recommended for best results.

Package of Elemental Facelift Massage with 1/2 hr massage for $125.00


Somatic Exercise / Pilates private class   $55.00  50 minutes



"Somatic Exercises are simple, gentle, yet profound in their effectiveness at restoring optimum function to muscles that have become painfully tight. This condition of chronically contracted muscles results from central nervous system adaptation to accidents, injuries, surgeries or repetitive stress. We call this condition Sensory Motor Amnesia - the "forgetting" of the brain to move the muscles from working to rest - and it is the cause of many common muscle pain conditions thought to be the result of structural deficiencies.
Somatic Exercises (as developed by Thomas Hanna, Ph.D, author of the book, Somatics) prepare you to move well! They are “corrective exercises,” which restore sensory motor awareness and control to the brain and muscular system. They are an excellent complement to any movement practice, physical training or rehabilitation program." Martha Peterson

The Trager® Approach
The Trager® Approach is a neuromuscular reeducation technique that helps you increase awareness of muscle tension patterns that can lead to pain and dysfunction.
During a session, the practitioner uses gentle touch and movements such as lifting, rocking, cradling, and stretching to ease muscle tension, and relax the nervous system and reeducate the muscles positively. Many clients report they feel better, more relaxed, have fewer aches and pains, better posture and alignment from regular sessions. There is also a component of self care in each session that the client can use to further enhance the session afterwards.

Pilates is a unique exercise program that creates a more functional body by balancing strength with flexibility and focusing on movement quality, body control and awareness, thus improving posture and revitalizing the body.

Bellanina Facelift Massage
Bellanina Facial Massage is a luxurious, relaxing facial massage that improves the appearance of the face through stimulation of the underlying layers of the skin and the facial muscles and is great for rejuvenating maturing skin. This treatment lifts, tones and firms facial muscles through a series of specialized facial massage strokes, leaving a glowing look for days. Regular and frequent treatments over time help your muscles to be firmer and tighter. We include a massage to the hands, feet, shoulders, neck and scalp in the Full Spa Facial.  While one session can greatly relieve tension, to get the full natural facelift benefits it is best to do a series of 6-12 with 2-5 days apart. Maintenance:1-2 times per month and at-home self care. 


 Massage Cupping

Himalayan Salt Stones, and Core Stones

Biomat / Infrared Lamp
During massage and facial sessions the Biomat adds Far Infrared and Negative Ion Therapy, increasing the overall benefits of the treatments.


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