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I am a licensed massage therapist for more than 20 years with a background in dance, and "somatic" movement. What I offer is a holistic approach to bodywork and massage. My specialties include The Trager Approach and Somatic Exercise Coaching along with massage therapy to support and educate your unique "soma".

By somatic or soma (as defined by Thomas Hanna), I mean first-person account of your body/self, your internal perception that is uniquely you. Massage, bodywork and somatic movement support you in becoming more aware of yourself. In order to develop good movement and alignment habits and let go of the old patterns including those that are caused  by injury or stress, you must develop more awareness and relaxation.

It's been my experience in working with many people with bodywork and purposeful self care that one can find deep relaxation and increased awareness and it can be life-changing.

Beth Michelson, LMT 

~ The Trager Approach ~ Somatic Exercise Coaching ~ Neuromuscular Therapy ~ Massage Therapy ~ Bellanina Facelift Massage ~ Pilates ~ Certified Health Coach

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